‘The Lone Pine Club’ launched by Pentabus

The Lone Pine ClubAround sixty people attended the launch of Pentabus Theatre’s production of The Lone Pine Club in the Cardingmill Valley yesterday.

Congratulations to the cast and production team for such an entertaining medley of storylines and characters, successfully woven in a tapestry of Lone Pine magic. There’s something here for all the family to enjoy – existing Lone Piners and new recruits alike!

Find out more and book your tickets at: www.pentabus.co.uk/lone-pine-club-alice-birch

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Announcing the “Signed by Saville” Charity Auction

It is with great pleasure that we are able to bring you a rather special announcement about a charity auction we’re confident you really won’t want to miss… 

The “Signed by Saville” charity auction is an exciting collaboration between Hilary Saville (Malcolm Saville’s niece) and Malcolm Saville Society co-founder, Mark O’Hanlon.  Together, they aim to raise money for The Children’s Society who do such great work in helping vulnerable and disadvantaged children in the UK today – keeping children safe and providing vital assistance when their world is turned upside down.

So what is the auction all about?  Hilary Saville is the daughter of Malcolm Saville’s youngest brother, David Saville.  She has kindly donated a large number of “signed” Malcolm Saville books – some originally from her father’s personal library and other’s from her own childhood collection.  Using Mark O’Hanlon’s time and marketing materials, the books will be offered for sale as part of a grand extravaganza auction sale and 100% of any money raised will go directly to The Children’s Society.  This is surely a once in a lifetime opportunity for collectors to purchase books from such a large collection of Saville family ephemera? 

Don’t miss out – find out how you can take part in the “Signed by Saville” online charity auction event from the comfort of home at: www.signedbysaville.co.uk.

UPDATE (30/04/2015):

Thank you to everyone who took part in the auction – there were 212 bids and all 21 books sold, raising an amazing £895.66. With an additional £140 in donations, the total raised for The Children’s Society was £1035.66.

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Pentabus bring Malcolm Saville to new audience

The Pentabus Theatre Company (working in partnership with the National Trust) have just announced dates for the forthcoming tour of their exciting new production, The Lone Pine Club, by Alice Birch.

The Lone Pine Club is a brand new play, based on the iconic books by Malcolm Saville.  Fans have great expectations for this new production as Alice was the co-winner of the 2014 George Devine Award, winner of the Arts Foundation Award for Playwriting 2014, and was one of the BBC Writersroom 10 for 2014. The tour launches in Shropshire on 18th July, 2015.

Here’s a taste of the Pentabus team explaining the project:

“Our play is called The Lone Pine Club because it’s not an adaptation of one particular book. Rather, it’s a play inspired by and based on the main characters that crop up across the whole series. Our hope is that young people in the audience will go away inspired to do two things – play outside and read the Lone Pine books for themselves.”

“We are a registered charity and are producing this play in order to reach young people with quality theatre. We want to share with them a tale of adventure and daring and empower them to be brave in exploring the countryside on their own. Above all, we want them to have a great time. And in doing so, we hope to bring a new generation of readers to these brilliant books. But we need your help to pull it off…”

Find out how you can help at:  www.justgiving.com/Pentabus-The-Lone-Pine-Club/

Pentabus will be touring The Lone Pine Club at National Trust venues in Shropshire, Sussex, Devon, Norfolk and Northumberland between 18th July and 23rd August, 2015.

Discover more about the play and how to book your tickets at: www.pentabus.co.uk/lone-pine-club-alice-birch

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Mystery at Witchend raises £215 at charity auction

Although he always maintained the story was written for all children everywhere, Mystery at Witchend was set against the backdrop of the Shropshire hill country where his own family were staying during part of the Second World War.  As he completed writing each chapter, he sent a copy to Shropshire where it was read to his own children.  When the book was finally published in October 1943, he dedicated the story ‘For Two Rs And Two Js’ – his four children: Robin, Rosemary, Jennifer and Jeremy.

A few months later, in February 1944, Mystery at Witchend was republished.  The quick sell-out of the first edition may in part have been due to the story being serialized on BBC Children’s Hour.  The second impression was printed in the same format but on slightly thinner paper.  It is a copy of this book (sadly without its dust wrapper) that has just been auctioned for charity.  But how did it come to be signed by the 2Rs and 2Js?

In February 1994, exactly fifty years after the book was first published, Mark O’Hanlon was approached by Robin Saville and asked to team up with Richard Walker to create a Malcolm Saville Society.  Mark took on responsibility for all the administrative tasks and then embarked on a ‘Grand Tour’ to meet members of Malcolm Saville’s family.  It was during these first encounters, meetings that were the start of long friendships with the Saville family, that he asked each of the Saville ‘children’ to sign two books: one was a first edition and the second was this early reprint of Mystery at Witchend.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Malcolm Saville Society, Mark kindly donated the 1944 reprint of Mystery at Witchend so it could be auctioned for charity through eBay.  The idea behind the auction was to help raise funds for a children’s charity – the Children’s Society – to help give something to some of today’s children who may be untouched by the friendly ethos and family values expressed so consistently throughout Malcolm Saville’s stories.

The auction closed on Saturday evening and raised £215 from the sale of the book.  A big thank-you to everyone who took part in the bidding!

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BBC Radio Shropshire Interview

Malcolm Saville Society co-founder, Mark O’Hanlon, was interviewed about Malcolm Saville on BBC Radio Shropshire this morning, 14th May at 10:15 as part of the Jim Hawkins in the Morning (pictured) show. The live interview lasted about 10 minutes. If you live outside the local area or were not able to listen to the live broadcast, for the next seven days you can always ‘Listen Again’ online through the BBC website at: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p018799k.

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