Shropshire Holiday Cottage

Stable Cottage at Cwm Head, in the heart of Malcolm Saville’s Lone Pine country, is an ideal base for you to explore Shropshire.

If you are looking for a holiday with a difference this year, why not come to Shropshire? The old stables at Cwm Head House have been converted to provide some luxury self-catering holiday accommodation. You may recall that it was to Cwm Head House that Malcolm Saville and his wife came on their first visit to Shropshire in 1936. It was here too, that his wife and three younger children evacuated for a year in November 1941 and where the family subsequently came to stay on holiday nearly every year from 1955 to 1975.

During their stay at the house in 1941-2 the children kept a pony called Sally, believed to have been an inspiration in name (but not in temperament!), to the fictional pony kept by Petronella Sterling in the Lone Pine adventures. Unfortunately, the pony escaped one night and, despite an extensive search, was never seen by the family again. Seventy years later, the building that was used to store her tack, has now been converted to create Stable Cottage, a luxury holiday cottage, right in the heart of Lone Pine Shropshire. Full details, photos and booking availability can be viewed at:

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