“Lone Pine Hill Country” Charity Auction

It is with great pleasure that we are able to bring you a rather special announcement about a charity auction we’re confident you really won’t want to miss…

The Lone Pine Hill Country charity auction is selling a very limited edition book by Malcolm Saville Society co-founder, Mark O’Hanlon, which is being published to coincide with the 80th anniversary of Malcolm Saville’s first visit to Shropshire.  Presented in a scrapbook format, it contains early Shropshire photographs, many from Malcolm Saville’s own family albums, including those from 1937 when he first came to Shropshire on holiday.  An impressive 98% of the book’s content reveals completely new material which has never before been shared outside of his circle of family and friends.  Some of this breakthrough material even ‘challenges’ information previously considered to be fact.

What’s more, 100% of the money raised through the auction will be going to The Children’s Society who do such great work in helping vulnerable and disadvantaged children in the UK today – keeping children safe and providing vital assistance when their world is turned upside down.  You can also help us to raise additional funds for the charity by pre-registering your support for the auction.  This will ensure you are on the inside track for a very special follow-up announcement, which will only be shared with those who have pre-registered, after the auction closes.

Don’t miss out – find out how you can take part in the “Lone Pine Hill Country” online charity auction event from the comfort of home at: www.lonepinehillcountry.co.uk.

NOTE:  The page can also be accessed directly from the Just Giving website at:  www.justgiving.com/lonepinehillcountry.

Update (24/06/2017):  Thanks to everyone who has shown early support of our forthcoming charity auction. With over £300 raised so far, we have already achieved 15% of our fund-raising target – due to your kind generosity!  Thanks for your continued support and good luck with your bidding!  Join the auction from 7pm today (Saturday 24th June, 2017).  You will find a short-cut link to the auction at www.lonepinehillcountry.co.uk.

Update (01/07/2017):  Thanks to everyone who took part in the charity auction – together we raised £506.30 from the sale of the two books, plus a further £350 of donations through our Just Giving page – thank you so much for your generosity!

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